Welcome to the Quantum Defects and Photonics (QDP) Laboratory!

We are a research group working on quantum defects and quantum photonics in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University. Our lab explores solid-state spins in silicon with telecom optical interfaces as qubits for quantum information processing towards quantum network and computing applications. We develop novel techniques and protocols to manipulate the quantum states of the qubits and engineer interactions between them. On a system level, we aim to build hybrid integrated silicon quantum photonic chips consisting of spin-based quantum memories and other photonic circuit elements, as multiplexed quantum registers and repeaters, for realizing scalable quantum networks.


We thank Rice and the following funding agencies for supporting our research!

Recent News

[10/30/2023] First Lab Paper!

Adam, Ulises and Yu-En posted the group's first paper on arXiv today: "Cavity-coupled telecom atomic source in silicon" describing the Purcell enhancement of a single T center in a silicon nanophotonic cavity. The work uses photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy to probe single T centers and analyzes cavity-QED of the coupled system. This is a major step towards utilizing single T centers in silicon for quantum information processing and quantum networking applications.

[6/23/2023] NSF CAREER Award!

Songtao has been awarded the NSF CAREER award to study coherent control, measurement, and entanglement of single T-center qubits! Thanks NSF!

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[2/8/2023] The third cryostat!

We have installed our third 3K cryostat in the lab. This cryostat system will be mainly used for fluorescence spectroscopy!

[11/30/2022] Yu En joins the group!

We are glad to welcome a new group member: Yu En Wong. Yu En obtained his BS degree in 2022 from National Taiwan University. He will work on the T-center spin-photon interfaces.

[7/31/2022] Waiting for single photons!

We have installed our SNSPDs and are ready to detect single photons!

[6/8/2022] We are cold!

Our first cryostat has been installed and operating at the base temperature!

[6/6/2022] Construction ends!

We moved into our newly renovated lab space in Brockman Hall B08! Let's start to do science!